• Trademark Operation

    The CJ Mark is registered as a collective trademark of CODA in seven countries and regions and is intended to protect Japanese content.

  • Joint Enforcement

    With the MPA’s full cooperation, enforcement against piracy of Japanese content is conducted jointly with MPA and CODA.

  • CBEP:Cross-Border Enforcement Project

    In cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and supporting companies, we will fully utilize the knowledge and experience of ethical hackers to enforce international rights against pirate sites.

  • CODA’s Automated Contents Monitoring Center

    We conduct 24-hour monitoring to notify users of removal requests for unauthorized uploaded videos and detect and remove them as soon as possible.

  • Indirect Countermeasures

    To comprehensively address copyright infringement, we are implementing indirect measures that can be taken domestically in parallel with direct measures.

  • Dialogue with foreign governments and operators

    To promote anti-piracy measures overseas, we build relationships with local government agencies, industry associations, business operators, etc. In addition, we open a window for dialogue.

  • Public Relations and Educational Activities

    We work on various public relations and educational activities related to content distribution to protect the value and aspirations of Japanese content.

  • Committees

    We are networking and sharing information with member companies and organizations to create an environment and infrastructure for legitimate distribution.

  • Information gathering, research and studies

    We conduct surveys on the actual status of copyright infringement of Japanese content and collect and analyze information contributing to anti-piracy measures, etc.