• Organization overview

    Founded at the call of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Agency for Cultural Affairs to promote the overseas development of Japanese content and take anti-piracy measures.

  • Greetings from the Representative Director

    Bringing Japanese content to the world.
    Anti-piracy measures are the first step.

  • History of CODA

    CODA continues to develop by expanding and strengthening its various businesses in line with the demands of the times, such as the situation surrounding Japanese content.

  • Members

    Companies and organizations that countenance CODA’s activities join us as members and work with us.

  • Related ministries and organizations

    With the support and cooperation of related ministries and organizations, we are promoting various projects to resolve the issues by bringing together the involved parties’ wisdom.

  • Access Map

    CODA’s location, contact information, a map of the area, and access from the nearest stations such as Higashi-ginza and Ginza.