Enlightenment “STOP! PIRACY” SGT. FROG x NO MORE Movie Thief collaboration educational video, “#An Alien Who is Arrested in 7 Seconds,” is extremely popular and will be screened again!

“STOP! PIRACY” SGT. FROG x NO MORE Movie Thief collaboration educational video, “#An Alien Who is Arrested in 7 Seconds,” is extremely popular and will be screened again!

–Screenings will begin sequentially at movie theaters nationwide on December 2!–

The new collaboration educational video of SGT. FROG and NO MORE Movie Thief, “#An Alien Who is Arrested in 7 Seconds” (hereinafter, “the Video”), was well received at the previous screening. As a result, the Video has been decided to be screened again sequentially, with the films released in theaters nationwide for three months beginning December 2, 2022. You can watch the Video immediately after the well-known “NO MORE Movie Thief” commercial shown before the film in movie theaters. The Video will also continue to be available on CODA’s official YouTube channel.

“#An Alien Who is Arrested in 7 Seconds” was created as a public awareness campaign for the Manga-Anime Guardians Project (MAGP). The project aims at protecting Japan’s proud manga and animation worldwide and creating even more high-quality works. The project is operated by “The Manga-Anime Anti-Piracy Committee” (※1), which consists of 20 companies and organizations representing the Japanese manga and animation industry. It is a public awareness video produced by Bandai Namco Pictures Inc. with the corporation of “Let’s Go to the Movies!” Executive Committee and General Incorporated Association ABJ.

Storyboard, production, drawing director: Fumitoshi Oizaki


The purpose of the Video is to disseminate information on expanding the scope of the regulation on downloading copyrighted works illegally uploaded on the Internet from being limited to films and music to all works. Recently, it has been reported that major manga pirate sites in Japan and abroad have been exposed and closed. Clearly, some users are accessing the sites in search of new pirate sites, and pirate site operators, who earn advertising fees from the number of accesses, are continuing their infringement activities. Receiving fair compensation is very important for manga artists and other creators when their works are used so that they will create new works, but pirate sites disrupt this cycle. We expect that a wide range of moviegoers will watch the Video and learn that downloading illegally uploaded copyrighted works is illegal, even for personal enjoyment, and that it will encourage them to think about it.

This awareness-raising activity was conducted as part of a project commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Other collaboration educational video “STOP! PIRACY” SGT. FROG x NO MORE Movie
URL:https://youtu.be/MI6a8eGwFMo (Closed to the public)

※1:The Manga-Anime Anti-Piracy Committee

The Manga-Anime Anti-Piracy Committee was established in July 2013 by a group of private companies that agreed with the call from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, transcending industry boundaries to fight against piracy in the manga and animation industries in Japan and abroad. The Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) serves as the committee’s secretariat.
Operation Entities: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA)

Committee Member Companies and Organizations: Aniplex Inc./KADOKAWA CORPORATION/Good Smile Company, Inc./Hakusensha/KODANSHA LTD. /SHUEISHA INC./SHOGAKUKAN Inc./Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd./Shin-ei Animation Co., Ltd./STUDIO GHIBLI INC./Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc./Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd./TOEI ANIMATION CO., LTD./TMS ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD./The Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan/ Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc./Bushiroad Inc./Production I.G., Inc./The Association of Japanese Animations

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