News Participated in APEC IPEG Roundtable

On 21 February 2023, CODA visited Palm Springs, USA, where, at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Agency for Cultural Affairs, it participated in a round table of the Intellectual Property Rights Experts Grou (IPEG), which oversees IP policy practice at APEC.

The roundtable, entitled “Roundtable on Copyright and Creativity in the Digital Economy Challenges to Creative Entrepreneurs”, was moderated by the USTR and attended by government agencies from Canada, Chile, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore and Thailand.
From an expert’s point of view on the nature of the ecosystem in the creative industry, reports were made on the current status of each country on the importance of copyright protection and enforcement in the global and digitized market. CODA Representative Director Goto and Director of International Affairs Otsuka participated as panellists and gave a presentation on CODA’s anti-piracy efforts as a specific activity regarding copyright protection activities in Japan supported by the Japanese Government.

The presentation was listened to enthusiastically and highly appreciated by IPEG members. It was a useful roundtable, such as information dissemination from CODA at the APEC for strengthening international cooperation.

Scene of roundtable
(From left) Representative Director Takero Goto, Director of International Affairs Tatsuya Otsuka

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