Enlightenment CODA exhibited at “Comic Fiesta 2023”, the largest ACG event in Southeast Asia

CODA exhibited at “Comic Fiesta 2023” held at the Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for two days from December 23, 2023, on behalf of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (ACA).
Comic Fiesta is Southeast Asia’s largest and longest-running animation, comics, and games (ACG) event, held in Kuala Lumpur every December since 2002. With a mission to raise awareness and spread the word about ACG culture and contribute to the development of the local creative industry, the event attracts tens of thousands of comic artists, illustrators, cosplayers, and culture fans each year. This year’s “Comic Fiesta 2023” was also a great success, attracting numerous visitors.

Scene of “Comic Fiesta 2023″①
Scene of “Comic Fiesta 2023″②

As a project commissioned by ACA, CODA produced two short animated videos on the theme of dance choreography (Dance Copyrights) for the purpose of raising copyright awareness, and these videos were shown at the ACA and CODA booth and on the venue stage. In addition, as part of an awareness survey on copyright and piracy, visitors were asked to complete a questionnaire, and clear files of short animation characters and other items were distributed to those who responded. Numerous visitors came to the ACA and CODA booths, reaffirming the high level of enthusiasm and expectations for Japanese content from content fans in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.
Visitors commented that the event “helped people understand the importance of the content industry,” “I learned a lot by seeing how important others are,” and “I want to support them by purchasing genuine products.”  It was a valuable opportunity to share with content fans from around the world that copyright is something that is close to their hearts and that it is their own right.

CODA is engaged in a variety of promotional and educational activities to promote understanding of piracy and other copyright infringement issues among general consumers in Japan and abroad. When many fans understand the problem of piracy and the importance of promoting healthy legitimate distribution, and enjoy content correctly, content will evolve further. We hope that more people will recognize this. CODA will continue to make every effort to promote and educate the public, and will continue to work with the expectation that consumer awareness will increase.

Scene of the ACA and CODA booths①
Scene of the ACA and CODA booths②
Scene of video broadcast on stage

■ “Comic Fiesta 2023” Official Website

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About CODA
CODA (Content Overseas Distribution Association) was established in 2002 at the call of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Agency for Cultural Affairs to promote the overseas development of Japanese content and take anti-piracy measures. Japan’s proud content, including music, movies, anime, broadcast programs, and video games, plays an important role in enhancing the nation’s international presence and economic growth. As digital technology becomes more widespread, it is even more significant to protect Japan’s content from increasingly artful copyright infringement and promote the content industry’s development. CODA contributes to the deterrence and detection of online and other piracy, by sharing knowledge with relevant government agencies, organizations, and companies in Japan and abroad, to engage in direct and indirect anti-piracy measures, as well as public relations activities. Visit https://coda-cj.jp/en/activity/ for more information on CODA’s projects.

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