Copyright Infringement “Sora”, a Chinese website offering unlicensed dictionary data services, has shut down.

On April 25, 2024, CODA confirmed that the Chinese site “Sora,” which had attracted numerous visitors by providing data and search functions for several dictionaries published in Japan without a license, was shut down. The closure was confirmed on the main “Sora” page (, and on the dictionary page ( which actually provided a dictionary search function.

“Sora” was a dictionary site that attracted a large number of hits, allowing users to enter Japanese words into a search box and have the meaning and usage of the word displayed, based on the contents of a huge number of Japanese dictionaries that the site had accumulated without permission from the various rights holders. There were 37 Japanese dictionaries available for “Sora”. In addition, a part of “Sora” was geo-blocked (regional viewing restrictions) so that it could not be accessed from within China, and was operated under the guise of “no actual infringement” in China, targeting Japanese people.

As a result of an information disclosure request to “Sora” by the rights holder, a member company, it was revealed that the person believed to be the operator resides in China. Based on this information, CODA was consulted, and in early March 2024, CODA’s Beijing office submitted a complaint to the Public Security Bureau of Nanjing City, where the man resides. In March, the Public Security Bureau began interviewing the man and subsequently warned him to shut down the site, claiming that his actions constituted copyright infringement. During interviewing, the man repeatedly denied operating the site, but after multiple warnings and guidance by police officers, it was confirmed that the site was shut down on April 25th.

CODA will continue to strive for proper protection of copyrights and will continue to take effective measures on similar sites.

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