News Invited a delegation from the Copyright society of China to Japan. Held an exchange meeting to promote authorized distribution between Japan and China.

On December 5, 2023, CODA invited a delegation of 16 members consisting of Chinese copyright-related companies, major IT companies, and content-related companies to visit Japan, led by Mr. Sun Yue, Vice-Chairman and Secretary General of the Copyright society of China, which promotes the development of China’s copyright-related industries.

Group photo of CODA and delegation visiting Japan

The China Copyright Association was established in March 1990 as a national professional organization in the field of copyright in China under the supervision of the State Copyright Administration of China. It has 515 member companies and organizations from the fields of publishing, software, film, fine arts, music, theater, etc., and is engaged in a wide range of businesses.
Since 2010, CODA and the Copyright society of China have co-hosted numerous training seminars and copyright awareness events on copyright protection to deepen mutual understanding between the two countries and promote the healthy development of the content industry. Furthermore, in April 2023, CODA and the China Copyright Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further cooperate in a wide range of areas as a strategic alliance. CODA’s invitation of the delegation to Japan is based on this memorandum of understanding and is intended to promote authorized content distribution and copyright protection in both countries by taking advantage of their respective strengths.

At the meeting held at CODA on the same day, CODA Representative Director Takero Goto gave a presentation on the issues and challenges of anti-piracy in the digital and online age and the importance of international collaboration, focusing on the results of the Cross-Border Enforcement Project (CBEP) that CODA has been working on since 2021.
Mr. Sun Yue, Vice-Chairman and Secretary General of the Copyright society of China, then introduced the business activities of the member companies of the delegation. The member companies of the delegation expressed their intention to actively promote copyright exchange between Japan and China, and showed deep interest in CODA’s countermeasures against infringement that transcend national borders.

Scene of the presentation by CODA Takero Goto
Scene of the meeting①
Scene of the presentation by Commander Sun Yue
Scene of the meeting②

On the following day, December 6, the delegation paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of BANDAI CO., LTD. in Taito-ku, Tokyo, where they toured the showroom of Bandai’s latest and hottest toys, as well as an exhibit showing the history of Bandai’s toys. In addition, Bandai gave a presentation on its efforts and challenges in protecting intellectual property in the character business, and the visiting delegation and Bandai exchanged opinions on measures to prevent infringement, providing a meaningful opportunity to share information.

Ms. Noriko Fujita, Director, BANDAI
Scene of opinion exchange
Scene of Bandai exhibition tour
(From left) Mr. Kenichi Osonoe, legal fellow of the Legal & IP Department, BANDAI, Commander Sun Yue

On the same day, an “Exchange meeting for legitimate distribution between Japan and China” was held at the Royal Park Hotel in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, inviting the delegation as well as representatives of the Japanese branches of the member companies of the delegation and CODA member companies. During the exchange meeting, CODA member companies received many enthusiastic questions from the delegation and actively exchanged opinions on content distribution and copyright protection.
A reception was held after the meeting, providing an opportunity for copyright protection organizations, the content industry, and content holders in both countries to interact in an intimate setting that promises to build and strengthen relationships and cooperation for authorized distribution.

This activity was part of a project entrusted from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Scene of the exchange meeting①
Scene of the exchange meeting②
Ms. Sakiko Miyano, Deputy Director of the Media and Content Industry Division, METI
Scene of the reception

■Reference:Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Copyright society of China for a strategic alliance in copyright protection
■Copyright society of China Home page

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CODA (Content Overseas Distribution Association) was established in 2002 at the call of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Agency for Cultural Affairs to promote the overseas development of Japanese content and take anti-piracy measures. Japan’s proud content, including music, movies, anime, broadcast programs, and video games, plays an important role in enhancing the nation’s international presence and economic growth. As digital technology becomes more widespread, it is even more significant to protect Japan’s content from increasingly artful copyright infringement and promote the content industry’s development. CODA contributes to the deterrence and detection of online and other piracy, by sharing knowledge with relevant government agencies, organizations, and companies in Japan and abroad, to engage in direct and indirect anti-piracy measures, as well as public relations activities. Visit for more information on CODA’s projects.

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